LOVE….just love


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Love heals – be the one to give it and see it come back a thousand fold…



When you think your life is all mapped out…


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When you think that you have life all mapped out…new faces smile at you; things happen ….and our destiny takes a completely new direction. Just TRUST that all is as it is meant to be ~ no matter how hard…..  x

Come sit with me under the Jacaranda

Come sit with me under the Jacaranda…

purple tree

Come walk with me…our journey has many long roads to take! It is easier with a friend….




We are spiritual beings on a human journey…


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“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”  Stephen R. Covey

candle flame

Some of us find our spiritual connection early in life…

Our spiritual journeys are individual, highly personal. You have to follow your own path and listen to your own truth.

Discover who you are… happiness is...

Some are old souls, some younger…… we have to discover wisdom for ourselves and it is our journey that brings in different lessons and experiences; ones that we need and ones that we have chosen in this life.

The longest journey that we take is the one inside ourselves… the one that determines our destiny. When we look within ….we start to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, part of the universal consciousness!

“Our journey is about arriving at a new destination, a journey that has taken us through learned lessons. It consists in the dissipation of one’s own ignorance concerning one’s self and life, and the gradual growth of that understanding which begins the  spiritual awakening.”  Ram Dass

Mysteriously Guided to Safety


From Daily Mail UK

Author: Patricia Pearson

A new book, Opening Heaven’s Door, will make you re-think everything you thought about death. Here, in the third part of our spine-tingling series, survivors of shipwrecks, air crashes and terrorist attacks tell how they were mysteriously guided to safety.

As he lay sleeping in a muddy trench in France one night, William Bird woke to find someone shaking him. It was 1917. He’d just been through the Battle of Vimy Ridge, and he was exhausted. Irritably, he tried to pull away — but whoever it was continued to shake him with some urgency.

So Bird — a journalist in civilian life — wearily opened his eyes and, to his utter astonishment, recognised his brother, Steve, who’d been reported missing in action two years earlier.

‘Steve put his warm hand over my mouth as I started to shout my happiness,’ Bird recalled. ‘Then…

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To Blog, or not to Blog……..


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A task for today….. okay – all this blogging malarkey is supposed to be fun! Sooo, FUN it will be. I have signed up to Blogging101 to find out more. I guess I am in the Autumn years of life and I love the technology that I have seen grow through my lifetime. I have embraced it; I love it and it adds satisfaction to my days. That would probably be written in a more jazzy/ happenin’ way by youth, but bear with….

I think that I am too much of a perfectionist in my blogging style, so this attempt is to make me ‘just flow’. I started my blog seriously; as opposed to just hoping for the best, last year…unsure of what I wanted to achieve! I now know that I want to reach out to the world at large; spread my wings in fact, which has just popped into my head as I type. I believe that we all have a Guardian Angel who watches over us. I am not religious….my Angels comfort me and help in stressful times ….so to spread my wings is apt.

My blog was first called ‘I just want to share’ and I have changed it to ‘Soft Shoe Shuffle’, but I think that I shall change it back or even come up with another title. What do you think? My blog is about sharing positive thoughts; sharing my ideas about how to live in peace with fellow man and girl! Then I added pages about what I do…card readings, healing and my blog became a place to share my philosophies and beliefs.

Living in the moment leads to living life to the fullest. Be mindful and enjoy each day….and so it has begun – my post has sprung from my path to mindfulness by bouncing on to the page from my primeval, intuitive thoughts.

Voila … first spontaneous blog

“Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are.” John McLaughlin

I love a quote…. Namaste

Happy blogging 101ers

Fionaj x


Footprints in my Mind…


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FP 2

Older and wiser

A pen in my hand…

A space in my mind

Footprints left in the sand…


A path untrodden

A journey of love

A space in my mind

My consciousness above.


A message to share

Words on my page

Here begins my lesson

Inspired by a sage


Learn from your Higher, more enlightened consciousness…