When I started doing my Angel Readings… I knew that I wanted to help people, but little did I realise how much of a difference I could make to people’s lives…

JAN 2020… “Hello Fiona… I love coming to see you. Always makes me feel better and more positive” A.

Gayle… “Hi Fiona just wanted to thank you for your reading and a shoulder to cry on. Seems you were right about a man is meet! Met Tony 2 months ago and all going well”

L… “Thank you so much for tonight Fiona. It really did help and I’m not just saying that. It’s given a more positive mind set.. my spots are going! I will write in my notepad, find a gratitude stone and try get hold of the secret and you can heal your life book. I will also use the rose quartz stone rubbing it on my face and the amethyst stone on my head opening up my shakrh (can’t spell it) 😂 thank you so much 💗💗 love L xxxx”

Helen… “Hi Fiona… just wanted to say a huge thank you for my reading today. I’ve just been for a walk with my dog and I’ve never seen so many butterflies… all fluttering around me!”

Daisy… “Thank you so much for this Fiona – honestly really appreciate it and for everything you said yesterday. Really made sense to me – just think it helps to here someone say it. Also I love the above! I am going to find my magic rock tonight! I love the being gratefulness part as I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you again! See you on Thursday x”

“Thank YOU Fiona! I had the most amazing sleep on Saturday night… haven’t slept that good in ages and for 12 hours! Think that was something to do with seeing you Saturday morning so thank you.”

I saw this lovely lady’s son M… “His head feels so much better. Thank you you are very clever ❤💕 Yes I will buy him the secret and other books xxx”

I also put Crystal packs together for presents… “Hi Fiona, how are you?? It’s Sophie’s birthday in April and I’m trying to put together a little basket for her. Going to buy her The Secret and thinking to get her some crystals and little bits and pieces so I have 2 questions. 1.Were there any particular crystals you recommended for her at our last reading? 2. I know you mentioned about doing meditation classes is this something you have started? Though I could pay for a class for her if not I’ll pay for her to have a reading. Sorry for the long message, trying to do something a little different for her and want to give her a little boost xx”

A has been seeing me for many years now… “Thank you Fiona. I feel positive and ready to handle anything. This time I will listen and close the door I need peace not drama and upset. Good to see you x”  “You’ve helped me more than you know over the last 18 months.💜” “The last time I chose to do things my way and 4 months of stretched emotions followed. Not this time. Thank you. I listened to you. x”

P was recommended to come to me by her daughter… “Hi Fiona, I’m trying to set up my corner. I needed a little bit of a clear out but I’m getting there 😊. I’ll make sure to be thankful as you’re right, the little things are the ones that sometimes get ignored but have given us a bit of happiness at a particular moment. Thank you so much for your kind words and for being there x”

L and her mum come to see me… “Hi Fiona, Just wanted to drop a message and say that most of what you told me in January has come to light! It’s honestly amazing! Thank you so much! I’d also love to book in and come see you soon if you’re available? Thank you ☺ xx”

Lauren comes to see me on a regular basis “Hello Fiona… I just wanted to drop you a little note to say thank you so so much for all your support. You are my real living Guardian Angel. Feeling like a completely different person; really happy and focussed. It’s a great feeling being back in control and walking on sunshine again… ”

J had a reading with me in June 2017. She was in a bad place from a relationship and needed some guidance, confidence and some healing exercises to do… Ah it’s all about change again. Ok things are becoming clearer….well let’s see! Thank you so much Hun you made such a difference from within, just what I needed… Thank you! I’m so grateful to have u. Ur response is entirely what I need and I must get there. I must. It is hard but I can do it and my life will be good. Thank u so much for understanding u are truly special and I am so grateful for our paths crossing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

T had a reading with me recently and asked if her friend could have a reading with me on New Year’s Eve 2016“Thanku for L’s reading. She was very impressed! And I can’t believe that u picked up on the little boy in spirit….. you have made her feel 100 times better x”

Suz comes to see me on a regular basis for readings and healing ~ and often brings a family member (Jan  2016 to Dec 2019)Aww love you, need you and bless you for being my friend and personal angel… love always to you, I do appreciate all you have done for me and my family x”

This is from a friend that I used to work with. She sent to me just before Christmas 2016 “Hi Fi, hope all is well with you. …would it be possible to get together for a coffee and a chat. Am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment and would like some wise words from you…”

E pops in every so often to have a reading or healing. 2016 was a tough year for her. “Thank you for my healing and readings. Thank you for being you! You’re so fab! Much love xxxx”

Gloria has seen me for readings and healing… and she knows I love cats.Hi Fiona my dear cat is at the vets tonight and having tests…please would you ask your angels to watch over him and help him please… x”

Nicky is a beautiful soul, who needed a little guidance to help find her purpose: “Fiona – u amazing lady – thought I’d drop you a line here and thank you again for my reading and helping me find out what my purpose here is – i finally feel like I can start my own journey into healing and thank you for helping me along the way – I know we will have many more interactions as I progress. God bless you xx Nicky xx”

A comment from such a lovely lady: 
Noreen “I walked out from your reading Fiona feeling lighter and brighter. Everything is just flowing so smoothly it feels right. Keep seeing 444 and 111. Really wanted to see you say thank you.
Your reading helped me see things for how they were.
I have had so many comments about how much better I look not so tired.
Keep up your amazing work and looking forward to meeting with you soon.
N x”

Jane – “I was sceptical of “fortune telling” when Fiona first did a reading for me, several years ago. My preconceptions were soon changed. Fiona’s readings are insightful and measured, they are also extremely accurate! I have been back to her time and again and would have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Elaine – “Spending an hour with Fiona reading angel cards for me was comforting, inspiring and very enjoyable. I can highly recommend taking the time to experience this. Fiona is lovely, this coupled with the cosy setting can only make the experience one to be appreciated. I cannot put into words how comforting I found the reading. “

Julia – “I have been lucky enough to have had several personal Tarot and Angel Card readings by Fiona Martin. Each time I have been so impressed by the accuracy Fiona has given to both my past, present and future, reading more deeply into situations wherever possible. Fiona has a wonderfully calm, warm and friendly personality that makes you feel very relaxed during the reading. I look forward to my next Tarot Card reading soon. Thank you so much.”











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