Your Angels are with you…always

Angels cannot intervene in your life unless you specifically ask for their help. So, it is up to you to remember to invite Angels into your life.

Me Xmas 2015

It’s not wacky to speak to your Angels…..I am normal and down to earth. My Angels comfort and help me through the tough times; just knowing they are there makes me smile…

Angels come to your assistance the moment you call them. Just the thought, “Angels!” is enough. If your request for Angelic assistance is sincere… they will be there by your side to help you with any situation.

 Just know that they are near…. You may get a feeling of warmth; if you are feeling anxious ~ calmness will wash over you; you may catch the scent of a beautiful aroma. They are pure love and understand you like on one else can.

Fiona’s clients say that she helps them when she reads for them… They have been kind enough to write some comments… testimonials

Feathers appear from out of nowhere; watch out for coins, butterflies or birds that appear to land just when you are thinking about a lost loved one.

You will know when your Angels are close….just trust.

When a new door of opportunity opens just at the right moment, there will be an Angel watching over you. When you walk through nature and feel free and safe from harm, you can be sure that Angels are walking by your side.

They are waiting on your call…….

5 x purple Angel pica

Angels at Elvie



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