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Welcome to Angels @ El-Vie… Working with Angels ~ Thank you for visiting. TESTIMONIALS  💜

Angels @ El-Vie is a unique Intuitive Counselling & Healing practice – based in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey and Buckhurst Hill, Essex. Angels @ El-Vie is owned by Fiona… a qualified and experienced therapist who provides high standards & great understanding to bring well-being to clients. Fiona offers Angel Readings, as well as a range of Healing & Alternative Therapies using crystals and colour…

Please contact me if you would like an Angel Reading… or healing, (using crystals, mediation & visualisation)

Either email or call me on 07545 162581/01992 651045. For more information click here: An Angel reading with Fiona or Angelic Reiki Healing

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Angel Readings & Healing

I love what I do and my clients’ testimonials speak a thousand words.

When you are connected to what you do… folk write wonderful things.

I am a qualified Reiki Healer and intuitive Angel Card Reader. As I have been working with the Archangels… I have been guided to use crystals and colour during my healing sessions to bring balance and a restorative feeling that lasts after each session. I also use visualisation and meditation to bring in the healing that you need.

My Intuitive Angel readings give guidance and insight into a client’s situation. I connect with your Angels and show you which Archangel to work with. My goal is to help people heal. My cards help me to convey information to you; the possible outcomes and estimated time frames. I use my intuition to find out about your circumstances. I sense your emotional state and give enlightening predictions on how to manage situations in your life. I don’t just tell you what I see… I use my readings as a counselling session to help promote a positive change to your life and we talk about how to bring about these changes.

Let me take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is Fiona. I lived in Perth, Australia for 3 years, Belgium for 8 and Africa for 4. I guess these countries have helped shape me and the person that I find myself to be now at this stage in my life.

I am a Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Counsellor; mother of 2 beautiful grown up children; owner of 2 black cats and I read the Tarot and Angel cards. I started reading for my friends, but I now have my own company El~Vie Holistic Solutions and I work at Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre in Waltham Abbey and Buckhurst Hill.

Find me on… TwitterMy Facebook page & Instagramswa-logo

Accredited with the Spiritual Workers Association

Member of the UK Reiki Federation

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Angels at Elvie… Angel Readings & Reiki in Buckhurst Hill

I love reading Angel and Tarot Cards. I am an Intuitive Angel Card Reader …and my clients’ have kindly written testimonials for me. If you would like to find out what your present path holds or would like answers to questions…I would love to read for you. For more information, please email or call me on 07545 162581  …or click here: An Angel reading with Fiona

I am creative and have finally found the time to create. My main company is El~Vie Holistic Solutions… my aspiration to do what I love – to read my Angel Cards; to continue writing prose; to offer my holistic therapies and interior design. I am extremely passionate about my own self growth, personal development and creating a fulfilling life for myself.

My childhood was pretty ordinary, middle class and sheltered, although I spent most of my time in my bedroom as my parents argued downstairs. I was an annoying younger sibling, although my sister and I now love each other’s company. I was likeable and cute with a bit of a rebellious streak and would do anything for my family and friends. On the inside though, I always felt unsure, insecure and lost. I grew up never having big dreams or thoughts of a successful career. I had an imaginary friend that I now believe to be my first encounter with the Angel realm. She was my playmate, confidant and sharer of secrets…

While in Africa there was something starting to stir deep inside of me that was telling me there could be so much more to life than I had been allowing myself all these years. Call it intuition, my higher self, whatever it was… it was definitely trying to get my attention. All this came about whilst I was learning Reiki and whilst receiving my Reiki attunements from my Reiki Master.

Starting my own business seemed daunting and impossible, but with the help of 2 men whom I love so much and whom I know just want the best for me……. All I have to do now is give up my day job! May 2015….that is exactly what I have done! January 2017… I love seeing my clients leave with a happier disposition and more peaceful state of mind. …and thank you for sending me such beautiful words.

I would love to help you on your journey.


PM 3 x pic ANGELS @ El~Vie: Intuitive Angel and Tarot Readings; Reiki Healing with Crystals; Indian Head Massage…

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“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching; love like you’ll never be hurt; sing like there’s nobody listening… and live like it’s heaven on earth.” ― William W. Purkey

More of my clients are wanting advice on everyday matters as well as matters of the heart, career path and life’s journey…so much so that my readings are more akin to intuitive counselling sessions. I use knowledge from my previous work to advise and offer help during my personal readings. All readings are confidential.


Thank you for stopping by….if I have added something to your day – I feel blessed.

Please leave a message if you would like me to get back to you….. Angelic Hugs 💜



6 thoughts on “Angels @ El~Vie…… Home”

  1. I pop in here each day to leave a line, add a phrase and reconnect……
    I am loving having the time to sit back and relax with a mug of Rooibos.

  2. Thanks so much for following my blog 🙂

  3. Fiona – u amazing lady – thought I’d drop you a line here and thank you again for my reading and helping me find out what my purpose here is – i finally feel like I can start my own journey into healing and thank you for helping me along the way – I know we will have many more interactions as I progress. God bless you xx Nicky xx

    • It was my pleasure Nicky. …and my privilege to read for you and to help you on your journey. You are a true healer and the world needs more folk like you lovely lady.
      Angelic hugs…
      Fiona x

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