An Angel reading with Fiona

Everyone has a Guardian Angel and they are with you


El~Vie Holistic Solutions

throughout your life.

I am based in Waltham Abbey at Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre in Sun Street. Please email me if you would like an Angel reading at or call me on 01992 651045 / 07545 162581

I can help you establish a personal connection with your own Guardian Angel and explain to you how you can work with and talk to your Angels. We are surrounded by Angels who protect and guide us. I use my Angel cards to give insight into your situation and I ask for guidance as to which is the best way forward for you. Whether you believe in them, or not ….. Angels absolutely believe in you.

My friends and clients say that I help them when I read for them… you can read their comments here… testimonials 

I love reading for everyone and feel really privileged that I have the contact that I do with the Angel Realm

I use my Angels to connect with your Angels through sensitivity and instinct to pick up messages for you. Your Guardian Angel watches over you and is willing to help whenever asked…..BUT YOU DO HAVE TO ASK!

They will start to help and guide you, as soon as you start speaking to them. They can bring messages, inspiration, creativity and answers from the Universe, your Higher Self and the Higher Realms. I will help you establish a personal connection with your own Angel.

Child Angel

When Angels are around… you will experience many unexplainable coincidences in your life and have a feeling of being guided.


My Angel readings can help to interpret their messages; help you understand problems in your life; find out where you are on your life path or just simply pass on a message to you.

◾Angel Intuitive Readings £40 for 60 minutes or £25 for 30 minutes

If you would like to have a chat… I offer a free 15 minutes at the beginning of an Angel Intuitive Reading for new clients, so that we can find out how best to bring your Angels in and which ones can offer you the help that you need. My Angels will help to heal and harmonise your body, mind and spirit. We all need a little bit of TLC from time to time.

I can help you to withdraw your energy and attention from outer distractions. I work with my Angels to help you relax from the stresses of life and work. I use methods that have been used in different traditions throughout time as a pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal. By participating in various course processes and meditation to find and speak to your Guardian Angel… you will experience an extraordinary sense of peace and renewed vitality that you will carry home with you on shoulderand into your daily life.

I have a kind and gentle, non-judgmental, caring attitude towards other people and I empathise with my clients and understand what you are going through. I can help you to overcome a difficult situation, see things from a different perspective, or maybe just find answers to questions you may have.

If you would like to find out more about your Angels and how to work with them; or if you would simply like to have a chat… I would love to hear from you…

Please call on  07545 162581 / 01992 651045 or email  or look on our Teaching Therapies website.

Me Xmas 2015

I look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Namaste x



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