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As we start a New Year… I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to my arclients and friends who came to see me in 2016 for Angel Readings and Healing.Thank you for your kind words… https://elvieholisticsolutions.com/the-good-stuff/      Namaste… x

Julian is a therapist who I had the pleasure of meeting in 2016. He has a beautiful energy and as well as Thai Massage…he runs an amazing Movement Meditation class with his partner Simone. He asked me for a reading and I explained that the Angels just want to make folk feel better and give them guidance. 2016 was all about bringing things in our lives to a conclusion…being in numerology a number 9. 2017 is all about new beginning…adding up to a number 1. (Look out for my next post re how to achieve our goals in 2017)

Thank you Julian for your kind words…

“I had an Angel Card Reading with Fiona – what a beautiful experience! After calling the angels, we spoke about my own spiritual guides and guardians and Fiona connected with them to bring their presence into the reading. The reading itself was centred around my spiritual journey and included my spiritual mentor in this life as well as my partner and past life experiences. On a practical level, it reassured me where I needed reassurance, and clarified issues where I felt stuck. In particular though, the reading was made special by Fiona and her unique qualities. Fiona is supportive and gentle and these characteristics combined with the spiritual energy that she connected with and allowed to guide the reading. In being connected to the spiritual realm, there was a presence of being in the room; a tangible feeling that infused the experience with peace, calm, and the feeling of being in the Now. With Fiona, you receive a wonderful and relevant reading and, especially, in a loving environment where you can actually feel the support of angels. Thank you Fiona for connecting me with these beautiful beings!”